Friday, October 7, 2011

The Method Actors

Formed in 1979, the Method Actors delivered one of the most unique sounds of any Athens band.  Their uniqueness derived from the uber-creativity of founder Vic Varney and the fact that, in their early years, they were a two-man band.

Music critics at the time gave a lot of respect to any band from Athens, but they absolutely gushed over the Method Actors.  Here are some of the accolades the band received:

"[Little Figures} is the best album of the year..."
~ Sound

"Their version of 'All Tomorrow's Parties' is one of the 10 best New Wave cover songs ever...
Countless bands have...imitated the work of the Velvet Underground, but it took
the Method Actors to capture their spirit."
~ Spin

"Working with the most basic instrumentation imaginable, the Method Actors is
able to make the combination musical...the guitar makes deft use of chords...
and meshes beautifully with the drumming."
~ New York Times

"Far from being restricted by their lack of personnel, they flaunt the kind of freedom
which gives full reign to their extremely angular, passionate approach."
~ New Music Express, London

"...more interesting than Pylon..."
~ New York Times

"Song writing perfected...a huge influence on R.E.M."
~ Peter Buck, R.E.M.

Despite the critical acclaim, the Method Actors were too avant-garde for mainstream success.  After a very prolific six years, the band split up in 1985.  All told, they released three LPs, four EPs, and four singles.  A compilation CD of their music was released in 2010.  Vic Varney has continued in the music business, recording six solo albums to date.

From their first release, the 1980 EP This is It!
The Method

From their first LP, 1981’s Little Figures:

A 1980 live performance at Hurrah's in New York City:
Live in a Room

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